8 questions you can ask yourself so you don't drive others crazy

Systems are to serve people instead of people serving systems.  How can we get backwards on why systems exist?

I'm always afraid that I'll become a leader who protects the system more than people.  So I ask myself these questions:

1.  Do I believe in the branding or do I believe in engagement?

2.  Do I see the work being done in someone or do I only measure the work they've done?

3.  Can I receive ideas from people who are proven faithful?

4.  Am I creating rules for all in response to one failure?

5.  Am I creating a system for everyone else so that I can do less?

6.  When there is a new opportunity, do I listen to all the facts or do I make preconceived assumptions in order to protect the system?

7.  Am I fighting for control?

8.  Do I need to be right?

What questions do you use to fight the system?  Or what questions do you use to keep yourself from hanging on to systems that are no longer needed?  Please comment below!