3 ways you can change from people pleasing to peace maker

Blessed are the peacemakers. Not blessed are the whimps. Not blessed are those who roll over. Not blessed are those who just don't say anything.

Peacemakers are people of action. They are not people who sit idly by. Peacemakers seek peace. They pursue it. In the old west there was a gun known as the Peacemaker, which meant if you were causing problems your death would bring peace to everyone else. Not our normal thought of peacemaking today, we often assume peace means to pacify.

Early in leadership I wanted approval. I thought peace was found in everyone agreeing and if everyone agreed than I would be approved of. I was stunned to learn that rarely does everyone agree. So then I assumed that if the majority agreed than peace would be found. I was wrong again! I wasn't a peacemaker instead I was a people pleaser. Everything felt like a battle between two opinions and I would find myself on one side or the other.

If you would like to move from people pleasing to becoming a peacemaker try the following:

1. Value input over opinion - Everyone has an opinion but people feel valued when you actively listen. Leaders can receive so many opinions that they begin to hear less and less. You've probably experienced a time where you wanted to give input but could tell the leader wasn't interested. I see a person's input as suggesting solutions where as a person's opinion is trying to influence me to "a side." I don't want to be on "a side," I want to see the team make progress.

2. Communicate clear expectations - Communicating clear expectations up front is an action of a peacemaker. In the fog is the greatest chance for people to run into each other, which causes all kinds of confrontations and distractions. If you can't communicate the result you are looking for than you shouldn't involve others.

3. Fire people - Like the gun, sometimes the team is better off without that one person. Dissension is the opposition of peace. Dissension breads chaos. Offer your team peace if there is someone constantly putting everyone else in distress.

What do you think it means to be a peacemaker? Do you see it as an action or something that occurs organically? Please leave a comment below!