A NEW experience at Creative Leadership

I have an exciting change to announce! The experience at Creative Leadership is getting better today for a special group of people known in the blogging world as "subscribers". I like to think of them as the backbone to any blog. Being a subscriber means that every post is emailed directly to you as well as you become part of a newsletter community. In other words you get behind the scenes information readers who read the site online don't get!


For many the retirement of Google Reader has left them in limbo when it comes to following a favorite blog. Although there are popular replacements for Google Reader (I use Feedly) I enjoy getting my favorite blogs straight to my email. So I was feeling challenged to enhance the subscribers experience here at Creative Leadership!

Starting today we have moved our subscriber service to MailChimp. The biggest difference a subscriber is going to notice is the quality and attractiveness of the email they receive in comparison to previous emails through Google's Feedburner. Another big addition is the new easy subscribe button to the immediate right of this post. Now there is a cleaner confirmation email to new subscribers plus they are welcomed with a greeting email that includes a FREE copy of my Social Media Script for Leaders.

So thank you to our subscribers! We hope you enjoy the change because we want you to have an incredible experience here. And for those of you who are not subscribers, take advantage of our new subscription link on the right! We have a free gift waiting for you too!

Here is an example of how the new email will look from Monday's Post:

example 1

The safest place you can fail

Being the first one to do something is the safest way to fail.  When it's never been done people aren't expecting you to do it.  But when you do it, you're the first to do it, and now you've become a leader. You've become an innovator.  You've become the permission giver.  You've become an artist.  You can't expect to have these titles in the new era without being the one to do something new.

8 questions you can ask yourself so you don't drive others crazy

Systems are to serve people instead of people serving systems.  How can we get backwards on why systems exist?

I'm always afraid that I'll become a leader who protects the system more than people.  So I ask myself these questions:

1.  Do I believe in the branding or do I believe in engagement?

2.  Do I see the work being done in someone or do I only measure the work they've done?

3.  Can I receive ideas from people who are proven faithful?

4.  Am I creating rules for all in response to one failure?

5.  Am I creating a system for everyone else so that I can do less?

6.  When there is a new opportunity, do I listen to all the facts or do I make preconceived assumptions in order to protect the system?

7.  Am I fighting for control?

8.  Do I need to be right?

What questions do you use to fight the system?  Or what questions do you use to keep yourself from hanging on to systems that are no longer needed?  Please comment below!

An open letter to the control freak inside of us.

What's control costing us? It robs people of emotional energy. They get really excited about new ideas, but then we suck the wind out of their sails with our need for control. The mission becomes mine instead of ours. With control at the helm, they will have to wait until we retire or pass away before they make an impact.

A loss of emotional energy means less excitement to go do the work. Every detail becomes monotonous. People jump ship early because they want to work for someone that values connectedness and participation. Constant monitoring and boundaries might reduce risk, but it will also reduce your work force.

Worst of all, people are watching everything move forward around them except what they are most passionate about. They say, "We are all in and sold out to this cause, but it has to be your way or nothing." They want to move forward on technology but that, too, just becomes one more thing you need to control. 

In the words of Seth Godin, I say to control, "please stop stealing dreams."