The pursuit of more

As a leader is the pursuit of everything being bigger exhausting you? There is a new four letter word that is haunting most leaders I see: MORE. The pursuit of bigger, or the pursuit of more, is the new hamster wheel.

We've been sold that if you just had "more" all the problems would go away but the problem is "more". This more you are looking for is elusive because once you think you have arrived, more gets bigger.

"We need more people."

"We need more revenue."

"We need more marketing."

More is to leaders as crack is to an addict. Are you addicted? Here are the signs you are:

1. Every problem is solved with the thought, "If only we had more (blank)."

2. When you have to report numbers you feel like you're failing.

3. You wake up to pressure, you go to bed to pressure.

4. You aren't having fun.

5. You're eyes are always on what someone else is accomplishing.

If this list describes your life it's time to trade in bigger for better. Do what you're great at. Have fun. Reflect more on what you have and what you can do to make it better instead of being addicted to what someone else has.