The organization is cold and heartless

As a matter of fact it's lifeless.  That's because the organization is an idea.  It's a set of disciplines or principles that a group of people have rallied around, it ORGANIZes them towards a direction.

In the beginning, the organization is about people.  Organizations start to help people, to serve people, or to reach people. Success leads to growth.  Growth, however, will lead an organization to turn inwards and begin to protect itself even though it is only a set of principles or disciplines.  Without people, nothing ever would have happened in the first place.  People know when they have been working for an organization that is consumed with protecting the organization instead of it's people.  The most obvious indicator that organizational self protection has begun if policy is created because of one person's mistake.

How does an organization get past self protection?

1.  It goes upside down.  Organization that self protect are always top/down structures.  When organizations decide to be about people first it allows input from those closest to doing the work.

2.  It strives for engagement.  At every level it says, "I see you working" to those doing the work instead of saying, "Could you do more?"  Most organizations are missing the most obvious opportunity through social networks to say, "Way to go," and actually get back a, "Thanks for noticing!".

3.  It says thank you.  This is probably the biggest loss in an organization when it becomes focused on self protection.  The organization takes on a "You're lucky to work here," instead of a, "Thank you for serving."  In the chain of command the comment should always be made from top/down, "Thank you for doing what you do."

Don't allow your organization to become consumed with self.  Make sure it's quick to listen, works to engage the workers, and it is so quick to say thank you.