Coaching Essential #2: Speed Kills

I've learned a lot coaching high school football that I'm trying to implement into leadership in ministry.  Our goal in sports is to help an athlete do a fundamental movement in shortest amount of time repetitively.

[youtube 5xGhloP0odo]

Everyday in practice we begin doing the exact same movements.  Over and over.  Everyday.  The fundamentals are critical to coaching, including observation and feedback.  The three go together like peanut butter, jelly, and bread.

[youtube Z3ZAGBL6UBA]

I apologize for that video.

However, I have to ask you, are people getting those three things out of you?  Are you coaching the fundamentals every day that includes observation and feedback.  Are you aware of the fundamentals in your organization or business?  Do you yourself practice the fundamentals in front of other people.  I can show a kid how to pass block but he's better off if I demonstrate how to pass block.

Every pro athlete and professional coach knows that speed kills.  I can promise you that if you "speed" through the fundamentals it will kill your people.