Coaching Essential #1

As we welcome in March and spring training gets kicked off, we are going to focus on coaching this week.

Allow Jimmy Ricky to inspire you this week.

[youtube PXt_JhbFG-k]

Coaching essential #1: Do you ruthlessly believe in people? Do you see people as capable or something to fix?  Are you trying to inject people with talent, effectiveness, and passion or are you trying to draw those things out?  Are you, yourself, coachable?

Let's face it, coaching has to begin with our belief in people.  We have to see them as capable of getting the job done.  How do you know what you believe?  Think about the last time a friend, family member, or coworker shared with you that they were going to do something new.  What was your reaction?  Was it doubt?  Were you genuinely excited for that person?  Did you believe in them and think they were capable to accomplish it? I can promise you that your level of belief in the people you are coaching will have a huge impact on the quality of your coaching.

So let's hear it.  Have you ever felt like someone ruthlessly believed in you?