Coaching Essential #3: I ain't scripting around!

Most of us have not been coached well or experienced a culture of excellent coaching.  One thing that amazes me about coaching football is that I have meetings in March.  At these meetings I receive the practice schedules for every single practice through two summer camps and all of preseason in August!  Are you picking up what I'm putting down!?  Every minute of practice planned months in advance!  But I can take it, I'm a man, I'm 40!  (Actually 33, don't want to age myself too much) [youtube lhcNlQ4FJCs]

By the way, I was born and raised an OSU fan, so I'm a fan for this rant!

Here's my point, failing to plan is planning to fail, especially in Leadership!!!  Are you planning your time with your team?  We use a script in football, what's your script for your leadership meetings?  What's your script when training people?  What's your script for your day?  If you're not using a script for every time you're coaching your people, you're planning to fail.  I'm not saying that this is all business.  You should have fun on your script.  You should have fellowship on your script.  You should have planning time on your script.  You should have time of input on your script.

Coaches are so obsessed with their scripts they laminate them or put them in protective plastic coverings.  They tuck them into their Bike shorts or attach them to key chains.  They don't let them leave their body!!!








Are you planning to coach well?  You can't say you are unless you are scripting your people's time and your training.  Don't look past this!  Your people want to perform at they're very best, make sure you are helping them do it!