Are you valuable?

Your imagination is what makes you so valuable to us.

This is my son at a high school wrestling dual this week between bitter rivals. The gym was tiny and the supporters from both sides were not that far from one another. You can imagine how much energy was in the room as the matches happened.

I kept looking back at my son who had his back to the excitement. He was unfazed by the cheers, the buzzer, or even by me. Instead, he was using his imagination and playing with his toys. He was too busy creating a story filled with action and adventure. His story was so good he never responded to what was happening behind him.

You and I were once the same. We had strong imaginations and if we weren't using them than something didn't feel right.

Yet a time came where the cheers of the crowd caught your attention. You went from creative author to participator in the crowd cheering for those brave enough to still risk.

What's happened to us? How did we get to this place where all we see is resistance? We measure the amount of energy it would take to work towards our imagination becoming real and we quit before we ever start. Why are we waiting for permission? Why are we waiting to see evidence before we act? Why do we want to see someone change the system before we are willing to say it's wrong? What are you waiting for?

You're valuable because your imagination can lead us a new way or to a new place. The only reason you haven't yet is because you decided to watch someone else receive the applause instead of putting your back to the noise and focusing.

Go. Be creative. Spread ideas. Make us better.