I have great plans for you

As leaders, we all to often forget to do significant things for those we lead.

When was the last time you laid out a plan to wow the people you lead?  When was the last time you made people on your team feel significant through a gift, through a trip, or through your words?  

Here's what doesn't make people feel significant:

1.  Lame Gifts - If you're going to give a gift to the people you lead make sure the bar is set at "wow."  If you give an average gift they will feel like average people.  One of my biggest pete peeves is when someone wants me to be wow'd by a gift that I already paid for.  If you want me to be wow'd find the extra resources to shock me with your graciousness.

2.  Cheap Locations - If you have a trip planned to thank your team avoid motels, places they have to sleep on the floor, and worst of all, tents (unless you're a boy scout pack leader).  When choosing a location to take your team ask yourself questions like: How comfortable will they be? How much rest can they get? How much will they be surprised by amenities?  AND how good will the food be?

3.  Using generic words -  Great team members want to be a linchpin, someone indispensable to their team. Make sure you tell them how they are indispensable or have their peers say it.  How can they hear it if no one tells them?  People need to hear how they add a unique value to the team.

Doing significant things for the people you lead will help develop people who do significant things.  Don't wait for the system to work the other way around.

What's the most significant thing a leader has ever done for you?  Please leave a comment!