The organization headed towards mutiny

An organization that fights their people being connected is in great jeopardy of mutiny.  Ideas have to be able to flow freely through the people closest to the work.  If a "headquarters" is consumed with control and fearing connection  of like-minded folks, then it is unaware of the effect Web 2.o has had on our society.     A dysfunctional organization works like a parent/child relationship.  The "headquarters" see themselves as the wise "life-experienced" parent.  The kids (the labor force) need to be protected from making mistakes or they could jeopardize the reputation of the parents.  Does that sound like  a relationship with healthy boundaries?  This organization fights for control with the first thought being risk management.  This could be the major issue in education today, some teachers will die on the hill that education is a monologue and not a dialogue.  

The organization that encourages connection understands the value of it.  They understand that the solutions to most of their problems can be found in it's labor force.  Therefore, it invests in giving the labor force methods of communicating with one another.  The organization becomes transparent and encourages input.  Mutiny can be prevented by giving the labor force an opinion, which allows it to have ownership.  THIS IS LEADERSHIP in the modern era.  Instead of being the source of a great idea leaders create the conversation that leads to the great idea.   Blogs become necessary even to the point of criticism.  Social media accounts become a breeding ground for ideas.  Sharing and connecting around ideas IS NECESSARY in the modern functioning organization.  Anything less than is eventually going to lead to mutiny and mistrust.  

Do you have an example of an organization that values it's people being connected?