4 ways to increase your impact as a leader

I can remember wanting to lead. I knew what I could do to help people. 16 years later and I still have the same feelings. However my attitude towards permission has changed. When I was younger I was waiting for someone to ask me to lead. Now I'm older I realize permission and leadership are not married. They don't even like each other. Seeking permission is harmful to your potential leadership.

Rebellion is not what I speak of. I'm talking about taking on the posture of service. When there is the opportunity to lead others, to serve so that the whole improves, waiting for permission is holding you back.

Here are some things to remember when you want to make an impact as a leader:

1. Check your intentions - Is this about your ego or about opportunity? Leadership through self service is a heart attack to the community or team.

2. Give your best - This one speaks for itself. If you can't look in the mirror and say you did your best than maybe you shouldn't assume leadership.

3. Understand what's yours - Folks in new leadership need to understand what is theirs when it comes to responsibilities. So do you know? In the times where things depend on your leadership you can't pass the buck to someone else. If you are unclear with what is yours than you will be unclear of the last point, which is...

4. Understand what's theirs - Help those you lead know what they are responsible for. This requires coaching and not just conversation leading. You wouldn't sit down a group of sixth graders on a basketball team and say, "What do you think we can do to be better free throw shooters?" The blank stares would be hysterical though! Of course you wouldn't do this, you would coach them to become better! Coach your folks about how to handle what is their responsibilities.

You can become a better leader. Believe in yourself and improve yourself as a coach. But most of all seek ways to serve.

What have you found that increases your impact as a leader? Please leave your comments below!