Leadership Prayer

So right off the bat I feel like this may lack some pizzaz (thank you Perfume Pizzaz for teaching me Pizzaz) but let's have the conversation anyways. I was on a personal retreat last month and Psalm 111 jumped out at me during my time.  One particular verse stood out, verse six,

"He (God) has shown his people the power of his works, giving them the lands of other nations."

As a leader I hope you have a set of what I call leadership prayers.  This verse stood out to me because it reminds me that it is God's nature to give us "places" that don't belong to us to demonstrate His power.  In my line of work I feel like this towards our local high schools.  I'm praying that God would take over the lives of kids in these schools as a demonstration of his power.  What "land" are you praying for because God loves to wow us as his people?

Again, if this lacks pizzaz for you this is what I do, just sing "leader-ship prayer" to the same rhythm of the chorus to "Birthday Sex."  Yep, now it's in your head all day and 10 of you will probably never read this again, "He said sex?"