Are you Diddy or Ice?

I believe that our words are some of the most powerful tools that leaders have. Our words can either be a spring board of creativity or a barrier like a wall. What is your response when someone on your team brings a new idea? Do you feel threatened? Do you feel your system threatened?

Here is how you know if you are a barrier. Think back to the last time someone on your team brought you a new idea or suggestion: did you immediately respond with data or proof that the "system" is working in the "grass is always greener" location? Because you just communicated the "system" is far more valuable than the person or the people on your team.   Barrier leaders love to let you know where the "grass is greener" because that is their view of success.  Barrier leaders want others pointing at what they've done to be the greenest grass in their Neighborhood, organization, or team.

Take a week and ruthlessly believe in people and their ideas. It's kinda like watering your own lawn before you hit up the sod store.

For a hip-hop comparison; I'd rather be Ditty discovering talent


than Vanilla Ice trying to do the old system with a small tweak.