Would you read this if it put more joy in your life?

Joy and patience are married.  They go everywhere together.  Both become richer over time.  

Photo credit to gemb1

I am not very good at patience.  My initial thought is, "I want it NOW."  Now is the story of my first car loan.  Consumed with chrome and four wheel drive I convinced myself I needed a new car NOW.  The problem with now is it takes everything now.  Have you ever heard someone with a new car and a new loan talk about not being able to do something else fantastic because they can't afford it?  That was me.  No travel.  No entertainment.  No savings.  But I had shiny chrome and four wheel drive.

Most people want joy to be present in their life.  Joy, however, is a product of patience.  Joy is only sustainable when it has place to hang out.  When we always long for the next accomplishment, raise, night out, relationship, gift, (fill in the blank for you) than we ask Joy to reside somewhere else, there is a no vacancy inside of us for Joy.

If you want joy, start practicing patience.  There's no such thing as an express lane to joy.  

How does patience and leadership go together?  If leaders are supposed to cross the finish line first, how can we be people who display patience and joy?