How you can sustain your cause every day

Success is not owned its rented. And the rent is due every day.-Rory Vaden

Anyone who has made it 10 years working for the same cause knows the emotional and physical toll it takes. I tell people they will be better off if they remember when they do something longer than three years there will be seasons. One season may be better than the other but if the current season is bad there will come a change. But what can we do to sustain a cause or movement for the long haul? Every day be content with planting one seed.


A seed is anything that leads to positive growth in someone else or leads to something new. It doesn't have to grow to a tree in a single day. But it does have to be enough to land somewhere fertile to grow. You might have to nurture the soil a little bit first but when you do exciting things can happen. Nurturing soil might look like defining a need. Telling the reason for "why" something must happen. It can also look like assurance or speaking confidence in someone.

The seed itself is a vision of what could be or what someone could become. If you plant a daily seed like that in soil you have nurtured, eventually you will be surrounded by growing things because seeds grow up, they become mature, and then they produce seed. This pattern is what sustains a cause or movement.

Where can you plant one seed today?