Kansas City

Tech N9ne is right.

Living in Kansas City has engrained in my heart a reality that can't be tampered with nor changed.  Kansas City barbecue is the best in the world! If you try to disagree with me you'll probably end up cut.  Violent?  Yes.  Appropriate?  You're probably getting off easy compared to what other Kansas Citians would do to you.  Local rapper Tech N9ne and I don't have much in common, but we both appreciate a little Gates Barbecue.

Walking into Gates is an experience unlike any other.  Right away one of the employees is yelling at you, "Hi, how may I help you?" I'm serious about this. Before you've even had a chance to look at a menu, they are already asking how they can help.

[youtube SLDoHKk2-H0]


Here's some leader coaching. Asking someone how you can help is always better than telling someone what to do.  The whole Gates experience would suck if you walked in and they shouted at you what you should order.  Guess what?  Shouting "THE answer" at someone after they voice a challenge or roadblock they're experiencing is annoying for people.  This type of leadership traps them within the confines of your solution and welcomes doubt into their brain, which can leave them feeling paralyzed.  Your right answer just made the situation worse for them, not better. You know where generics belong?  On the bottom shelf with the low price.  After all, a generic answer costs you barely anything and its never as good as an actual, creative solution.  Help people lead, don't trap them by your system.  Lead through great service, not through what you think are the right answers.