3 communication mistakes you might be making as a non-profit leader

You might be sharing great things about your non-profit but did you know you might be turning some supporters away? It happens.  As leaders we get excited about things happening and we want everyone to know about it.  So we share.  Our mistake is assuming everyone else is just like us.  We think great stories will make up for our lack of "how to" communicate properly online.   However, supporters get lost when we make a few communication mistakes online.

Do you feel like you are communicating well online but being misunderstood?

After starting this blog and a blog for the non-profit I lead I began to research what makes a story more effective online.  In the beginning I was doing it all wrong.  The most common mistakes I made was aesthetics of my blogs and second I was trying too hard to grab people's attention with ridiculous blog titles.  So don't be to hard on yourself.  Most, if not all of us, are new to story sharing on the internet as non-profit leaders.  Here are three valuable tips to keep in mind as you seek to be the CST (Chief Story Teller) in your organization or team.

1.  Have a white background - Would you read a book if the pages were red?  Of course not, that would be painstaking and unattractive to your eyes.  The most comfortable way to read is black font on a white page.  This is the most common mistake by new bloggers, they use background colors.  Background colors will cause people to turn away.

2.  Tell people what they will get - When titling a post be direct.  Readers want to know what they are going to get.  Instead of using the title, "What's new!" use, "4 new things as a supporter you need to know about!"  This rule applies for posts on a blog and email subject lines.  You will get more reads if you are direct about the information you are sharing.

3.  Less is more - In the modern era we have a shortened time span to capture a persons attention online.  You might have a minute.  But pro bloggers know pictures and video will make people stay longer and be more involved with the content.  I think this is true across every form of communication we have.  So you need to tell the story with less words and more images and videos.

I hope this helps you communicate to your tribe more effectively.  As I continue to learn more effective ways I will continue to pass them on!  You have found some things that work too!  Please share them or ask questions below!