This isn't just about building a business, this is about building a family.

The Factory is a business.  The Factory is a Network.  The Factory is a Family.

The Business

There are challenges to making your part-time thing into your full time income.  For most they look like:

  • Lack of know how to build a site
  • Not sure what kind of content to have
  • What's the accurate presence needed on social media for this to work
  • How much networking can someone do in the fringe hours
  • No experience in graphic design
  • Time to maintain or change a site to stay current

Out of these challenges, The Factory was born.  Brad and Melissa Voigt started a company that would fill in the gaps for those who needed the help.  Brad and Melissa have designed sites and have worked with clients coaching them on content curation.  Brad has traveled all over the US teaching on social media strategy and presence, not just to be seen but to make a difference.  The Factory is built to provide you with a network of creatives, a group of graphic design artists, as well as Brad and Melissa can be hired to do hourly work to help you build and maintain your dream.  

The Network

A saying around The Factory is this, "Where one of us goes, we all go."  

No, this isn't some form of co-dependency.  But what we mean is The Factory Network is here to help each other.  We want to learn from one another.  We are a community of creatives as well as a community of people who are for one another.  If one of has an experience that could make us all better, than the expectation is for it to be shared.  The community is connected through private Facebook Groups, a newsletter, as well as network meetings hosted online.

The Family

The Factory is a family of creatives working towards making their online thing their full time thing.  Everyone has a unique gift and each member is producing creative works.  And even though we all have our own unique thing to create we should have a family to support our dream, to learn from, and lean on when we're not sure we have what it takes.  

Inside The Factory are writers, graphic artists, home decorating consultants, speakers, and coaches to name a few. Here are some of the The Factory Family -


What about you?

We believe in callings.  You might be five, 10, 15, or even 30 years into a career but you've always had this other thing you were incredibly passionate about.  This thing is something people have always asked your advice about and you never thought about monetizing the idea.  

Well maybe it's time.

But you need help.  You need someone who can handle the front end of setting up a site.  You need a coach on how to do it effectively.  You need someone who can fill in the gaps as you continue your day job.  Most of all, you need a family behind you.   

Sounds to us like you're ready to become part of the Factory Family.  Click here to learn more.