There are a lot of great leaders out there.  The calling is unique and demanding, it leaves little time to grow personal endeavors or have space for creative outlets.  You might want to be an author, coach on a larger scale, or simply have a place that might encourage people you haven't personally met yet.  The Creative Leadership blog is a space for leaders to be inspired to grow their own platform as a leader.  We believe you can create something incredible in your free time!  Are you ready to stop doing average?

I'm like you


My name is Brad and I have 15 years of service in non-profit work.  The job is big but my dreams are still bigger.  I started launching my own dreams in 2012 with the Creative Leadership blog and am now launching another dream in The Factory Media Network.   The blog is a place to "sharpen my saw."  I have to stop, think, reflect, and create in order to write.  My hope is it does the same for you.

The Factory is a passionate team assisting aspiring creatives develop their own online platforms through virtual assistance in technical and social media mediums in order to fulfill their dreams and rock the world’s face.  And don’t even get us started on helping non-profits tell a better story online because we might explode.  We want to be your partner in developing your dreams.  Read more about the services provided by the Factory here.