Zuckerberg #winning

The recent changes on Facebook have people in quite a tissy.  People really hate change but two things people will never walk away from: 1. Anything we've invested our life in and 2. anything that makes us feel connected to others. So can Mark Zuckerberg make changes to Facebook without spending nights worrying about the hate messages that people are putting in their statuses?  Absolutely.

And yes, he can even make fun of himself via Andy Sandberg to announce the change you hate.  Mark knows that you feel connected to people through Facebook.  He also knows you have poured your life into Facebook to share with your friends.  Events, groups, and most of all...pictures all so that we can feel known.

Leaders take note: when people feel connected and they pour their life into something change might not be liked but people aren't going to walk away from those two things.