You're so right you're wrong

Leadership is knowing what not to do as much as it is knowing what to do.  Is that confusing?  Here's what I mean: 1.  When you delegate you keep watch, you don't suffocate.  When you delegate a task but then take it back,  you're teaching your people you don't trust them.  Don't give chances for people to prove themselves only to take them back.

2.  Don't triangulate conflict.  If you're leading other leaders, help them to go directly to those they are frustrated with.  Don't involve everyone in the midst of conflict, it only  sustains drama.

3.  Don't commit to any tasks that strays from the vision of the team.

4.  Don't take credit for other people's ideas and work.

5.  Don't function out of self preservation or advancement.  Ideas are best when they benefit everyone and improve the lives of other people.

Saying "no" is maybe the most effective tool we have for leading well.  However, most of the time we don't need to say it to others; we need to say it to ourselves.

[youtube 3zNjQecyjE8]