You're not as important as you think you are

One of the challenges we all face is getting lost in what we think we should be instead of who we really are.  I know this sounds a little crazy but who you are is probably better than who you want to be.

This rule is obviously true for this guy.

[youtube jc2UtU3nac0]

When was the last time you took a personal inventory of who you are instead of asking what you think you should be?  The real you is coachable.  The real you is a platform to move forward from.  The real you is what you were created to be.  The gifts you have now are the growth engines of that dream you want.

The real news is that you're not nearly as important as you think you are.  I know that's comment is comical coming from a guy who has a blog in his name but that's what told me to do!  But there is power behind us giving up trying to be something we are not, giving up the thought that we are so important to the world that we must become this one "thing."  That "you" is not that important.

When was the last time you experienced freedom in who you are and not through what you thought you had to be?