Your favorite posts of 2012

best of I hope you have had a great start 2013!  Like you, I spent some time thinking about 2012.  Here at Creative Leadership I had my most consistant year blogging.  If you haven't started your blog you should give it a shot!  I enjoy challenging myself to think about what I can offer other people.  So I sat down and looked back at the four most read posts to see how I can get better at blogging in 2013.

With that being said, here are your favorite posts on Creative Leadership in 2012!

1.  What Compassion International is Doing that Every Non-Profit Should Emulate.

2.  Are you Contributing Art?

3.  The Leader You are Going to Be in 2012: Part 1

4.  What Chipotle Knows that Your Non-Profit Doesn't

I'm looking forward to 2013!  Can I share with you my goals for Creative Leadership in 2013?

  • More conversation - In 2013 I want Creative Leadership to be leaders having conversation with other leaders.  In general, I'd like to see more comments!  So if you've been holding back, please comment!
  • The Creative Leadership Podcast - Every other Wednesday I want to release a new episode helping leaders think outside the box by learning from other leaders who are.
  • More involved on other blogs - I want to contribute to the conversation on other blogs that I follow.  It would be a double standard to ask for more involvement on my own blog and not be involved elsewhere.

There ya have it!  I hope you had a fantastic 2012 and I hope you will be the most creative leader you can be in 2013!

What's your top leadership goal for 2013?  Leave a comment below!