Your broken heart is a good thing

Are you involved in something that breaks your heart?

I don't mean that you've bought something in order to support something.  I don't mean you took a week off to go some where.  I don't mean that you give online to something far away.  I mean are you consistently involved in a mission that every time you are near the work your heart breaks for the people it impacts?

Can I be so bold to say that your heart breaking is a good thing?  If our hearts are never effected we are less likely to work urgently to create solutions.  If our hearts are never effected we are less likely to offer comfort.  And so it goes with relief, assistance, aid, food, water...the list goes on and on.  Ultimately, if our hearts are never broken than we will never exit our world and enter into the reality of someone else's.

When was the last time your heart was broken for someone else?  If you can say it's been over a month can I suggest that your life is too comfortable?  I only suggest it because it seems that our hearts were made to feel compassion through a broken heart.

What breaks your heart?

Photo Credit to Carbon NYC