You must do something new

New is always better but it is hardly ever perfect. Except Surge - all around bad idea.

[youtube CTY8hrvFck8]

Could I be so bold to declare "new" as holy?  After all, God says, "See, I am doing a NEW thing." in Isaiah 43:19.  We need new, we need it because it keeps us from continuing to do things in a manner that is less fruitful.  To do something a new way or to create a new product we have to step back long enough to allow our creative reflection the space it needs to make changes.  As a leader do you have this space scheduled?  As a leader do you pull your best people in a room and ask the hard question, "This is how we've always done this, do you think there is a better way?"  As a leader do you offer an environment that is inclusive to new things?

I'm not saying you throw the baby out with the bath water.  New always needs to line up with the core values of the team or organization.  There are some leaders who disengage from new because they get comfortable with a system that was once new but yesterday made it old.  Leadership has to be entrepreneurial; has to be!  You might see it or you might not, but everything is changing.  I learned how to change the oil and oil filter in my car earlier on YouTube.  I knew how to replace the faucet in a bathroom today because I was able to search on Google, "How to replace bathroom faucet".  What used to be information for the few is now information for the masses.  New is the only thing that stands out in a time where information is a level playing field.  If you are sitting around wondering why no one is excited it's because you refuse to do something new.  "Do you not perceive it?"