You are more

A strong misconception is that the dollar is the most effective weapon in battling a lot of different global issues.  Resources like the dollar are always needed to battle issues but I think there is an even more effective tool: YOU.  I know, you might be feeling a little... [youtube FzRH3iTQPrk]

Surprised?  Maybe.  Shocked?  Probably.  But the moment you shift your focus from your needs to serving someone else a very powerful thing  happens.  You offer humanity.  That's kind of a bold comment but work with me here.  People at any level of suffering begin to lose their humanity, meaning that the core of humanity is hope.  Service is dishing up hope.  Service is saying, "I see you, I acknowledge you, I desire to change your existence."

Most people I know who fail to serve are lost trying to claim what they think should be fair for their standard of living.  Who will serve those who's goal is to never be served but to self provide?  This pattern becomes an addiction to the pursuit of comfort and ease.  I read one of Mother Teresa's books where she asked who was worse off: the financially poor in India or the spiritually poor in the West?  I find it a paradox that the more we have and keep to ourselves the poorer we become.

Are you serving?  Are you offering humanity?  I don't mean a once a year mission trip either, I mean are you serving locally as well as globally?  You are the most effective tool to cause change, to offer humanity.