Will anyone say you changed their life for the better?

Do you ever wonder about that?  Will anyone stand by your casket talking to someone else and say, "they (you, the dead one) changed my life for the better." It can be somewhat of a disturbing question but at least two people are at your funeral.

Is there a formula for creating a positive change in someone else's life?

I think there is an equation that produces positive change:

you + generosity = life change.

Generosity carries a mess of images in our heads.  Probably the first thing you thought of when you saw generosity is money.  But generosity isn't defined by a singular action you make.  Ie., to say, "That person is very generous with their time," or "this person is generous with their home," isn't what we want because it segments us.  What I want, and maybe what you want, is to be described as a generous person.

The challenge for us to be known as a generous person means we hold to little in a sense of possessions that includes time, money, materials, talent, knowledge, experience, etc...  Ultimately, you are going to test your belief in abundance to live a generous life.  But what if the next statement is true?

The impact of your life will be measurable to your generosity.

Can your whole life be generous?  I think it can.  Have you experienced those who live a generous life?  What do you learn from them?  Please leave your comments below.