Why we must die

This is one of the posts that makes me nervous to write simply for the paradoxical opportunity that could exist.  I feel like if I acknowledge it then I take away the chances of dying relatively close to writing this post.   Sorry for starting such a dark post, I probably listened to "Murder was the Case" by Snoop Dog too many times in high school.

Can you imagine how very few things would change if we lived forever?  Let's just talk about your route to work.  How often do you change it?  If you're a guy, how often do you cut your hair differently?  When was the last time you showed up to church on a Sunday and the doors were locked to encourage it's members to go feed the poor?  (I actually heard of a church recently doing this, but it was the first time I had ever heard of a church doing such a thing)

The human race is pretty resilient to change that's why we have to die...to our patterns.  We get easily stuck in patterns and systems that at one time were new ideas and solutions but have become hinderances and walls we can't get past.  But the real issue is rarely the pattern; it's you and it's me.  We don't like new!  New freaks us out.  New intimidates us.  The results of new is not very clear.  This means you have to die to the patterns that are no longer working and do something new!