What's in your will?

My last will and testament  is sitting across from me sealed up in a large envelope.  Everything in it is so revoting and valuable that I was able to set it up through a website that I paid about $50 bucks.  The contents of my will shares who will get my property if I kick the bucket yet is says nothing about how I lived or how I died (unless I needed someone to unplug me), only what I possessed. I do know that if James Earl Jones could make "Baby" by Beiber this good, he could make my will sing.

[youtube mkDbTEemErA]

I'm now adding that request in my will.

Leadership is not the art of possession but it is the art of charity.  To be successful you have to give away as much as you collect.  The purpose of collecting is to give away in the realm of leadership.

If you had a leadership "will" let's say, would the people at the reading be saying, "Holy crap, he/she had a lot more to offer us than we thought, why didn't they share that?"