What you won't hear from a presidential candidate in the next week

I have to be honest: I'm struggling with politics right now. I feel a little like I'm the new sixth grader in middle school watching two eighth graders bash on each other and try to get the most people on their side.  I say take it to the parking lot at lunch and settle it so that we don't have to watch your "In pain/Denial face" as the other candidate slanders you.  Did I mention it feels like their eighth grade girls?

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What you won't hear from a presidential candidate in the next week is, "I'm going to give people permission to..."

Leadership is a service industry.  That's what makes it so challenging.  That's what makes us look away during political ads that bash on someone else.  Can you bash your way to being the Chief Servant?  If our heart is pointed towards service than our follow up questions has to be, "What have you been waiting for permission to do?"  When people begin to serve there becomes a filter in the process, much like the cream rises to the top.  Some will stay the course and yet others will dream of new ways to serve.

Are you aware of those who are dreaming of bigger ways to serve and giving them permission to do so?

Could be a great way to start your Monday.

How important in your story was the moment someone gave you permission to serve in a greater way?  Please leave your comment below?