What ministry leaders should learn from small business owners Day 2

I'm very excited to write on a topic this week that I find incredibly engaging. This week will be dedicated to the topic: What ministry leaders need to learn from faith-based small business owners. I attended Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership one day event last week and sat in a room with 1,000 small business folks. I think I am going to put it near the top of my lists of conferences focused on leadership (If you have to know the top 3 they would be the Catalyst Conference, the Global Leadership Summit, and now, EntreLeadership). So let's kick Day One off right:

[youtube 766P_P5dAR8]

I'm sorry, I meant, let's start talking about the topic!

I think what impressed me the most was the conversation about passion. Small business owners are passionate about doing things better, not just bigger. I think about how often in ministry we only value ourselves based upon the size of our ministry. We like to christianize it by giving it the label of "reach." Small business owners focus on doing things better to increase profit; hire the right people, take care of their best costumers, and market their business. Small businesses recognize their reality, their business is small! They don't sit around trying to catch up with or comparing themselves to PepsiCo, Wal-mart, or McDonalds.

Very few of us are running mega-churches or mega-organizations. However, even if you were in a mega "fill-in-the-blank" the most important components would still be the team you are on and the team you lead! So what can we learn from the small business owner? We have to recognize that passion is a core ingredient to our success. Passion is what pushes small business owners to become better, not just bigger!

Side note: Andy Stanley's podcast on leadership is like a shot of pure adrenaline for me once a month. If you get the chance, listen to his podcast on the topic of better before bigger.