What if I was made to be a cheerleader?

I have a company, it's called Brad Voigt Consulting.  Although it's not written anywhere, the manifesto of the company would be: Encourage and help people do what they do best.  That's it. You might say, I was made to be a cheerleader.

My cheerleading spirit is at a all time high right now as one of our first clients is blowing up!  You could even say they've gone viral.  Alan Smyth and his team at www.myfatherdaughter.com are experiencing explosive growth.  In the last two days their site has been viewed over 87,000 times!  How fun is that!?  Alan, Kristy Fox, and Don Worcestor share a common hope, they desire for daughters to have great fathers.  Three times a week they write practical tips for Dads and their site has obviously picked up speed.  Here is Alan being interviewed on the local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles last week!

Back in February Alan wrote a post titled, "10 rules for dating my daughter."  He had some great feedback about the post and he got the idea to turn into a t-shirt.  On April 1st he wrote a post announcing the t-shirt.  Long story short, someone took a picture of someone wearing the shirt and posted it on Facebook on Father's Day.  As of right now this picture has been shared almost 47,000 times on Facebook.  It's been "liked" over 22,000 times and it has over 900 comments.  Are you kidding me?  Let's just say in the past 48 hours Alan has sold some t-shirts...even internationally.

This experience has been so much fun!  From the first call from Alan two days ago asking, "Why does my site show 18,000 views and it's only noon?" to watching Alan trying to follow up with all the comments and emails he is getting encouraging him to keep writing has been way too much fun.  I'm learning a lot through this experience and it is a powerful demonstration of what consistant creativity can do!

I'm enjoying cheering for Alan, Kristy, and Don.  So let me ask you, who are you cheering for?