What benefits us benefits you

Selfish people used to be able to hide behind a lot of different things.  They might have been wealthy and used their financial means to influence others.  They might have had a title that allowed them to control others with fear as their motivator and they were rewarded for results.  Another person may have used "team first" language to be seen as a team player when self preservation and personal accolades were their motivation, "If the team performs my visibility rises."

I think times are changing.  Not that we won't continue to have selfish people but we will give selfish people less of our time, energy, and support.  Social media is ushering in a time where a jerk, is a jerk, is a jerk.  Selfishness will be transparent through what the selfish person says about themselves across social media channels or what others have to say about him/her.

On the other side of this change is the promoter, the encourager, the selfless.  Those that see others first, promote others first, will be the most rewarded.  Opportunities will increase.  As will revenue, trust, and buy in.  As it's being said, "Promoting others is the quickest way to self promotion" is accurate in this new social media age.  If you want a fan use your platform to promote the great things the possible fan is doing.  See them before they see you.

In your leadership remember: What benefits us benefits you.