Teach me how to Doogie.

Is there a difference between "learning to know" and "knowing to learn"?  I think there is.  One is annoying and the other is empowering. Two television examples:







That's right, Steve Urkel was annoying because he always thought he had the right answer.  But Doogie Howser was helpful because he was always learning.

Here is how you might land on the Steve Urkel side of things:

  1. Anytime someone finishes a comment, you add to it or correct them.
  2. The acquisition of knowledge helps your pride, not others.
  3. Being right is more important than giving your team ownership through collaboration and conversation.

If you take away the process of your team collaborating and creatively thinking through a problem, then you take away their voice and their ownership. Soon the only voice you'll hear is your own.  Not good.

Now Doogie Howser got it!  I mean GOT...IT!  Boy genius AND helping others live a better life; now that's leadership.

"Knowing to learn" is a daily decision and commitment to being a learner.  This type of  leader can learn from the people they lead.  Always being right doesn't make them feel successful, an empowered team does.

Every leader has to ask themselves, which is more important: Always being right or learning?