Unproductive Organizational Story Telling

Autobiographies are considered more trustworthy than biographies.  Smart organizations build their story telling off of the autobiographical words of others.  Social media is the net every leader needs to grab stories of people personally impacted.

But most organizational leaders view social media as a "self promoting" tool instead of a "story catching" tool.  If a leader plans and equips people with a way to connect their stories than there is a bountiful harvest of story telling opportunities.

So unproductive organizational story telling looks like:

1.  Trying to be whimsical with words instead of letting people tell their own story.

2.  Focuses on words instead of images or video.

3.  Views social media as distraction or self promoting.

4.  Depends on email as the core means of written communication.

5.  Reactive story gathering in comparison to setting others up to share how they have been personally impacted.