Three ways you can help your organization tell better stories

The organizations that will thrive in the next era will have leaders who understand the value of sharing stories online.  These stories will give the tribe the opportunity to share the story with even more people.  So what are you doing as a leader to help your organization tell better stories online?

Here's three ideas to become a better story teller as a leader:

1. Create a blog for the organization - The goal is to post a story every two weeks.  Don't over complicate this.  Stories are always happening around an organization it just depends if you can get in the habit of capturing them.  Every post can share a great story in less than 300 words.  The shorter the post the better.

2.  Share images or video - What may feel like routine to us is inside information to supporters.  I encourage leaders to share images of their office and how they ended up in that space.  Share common meetings.  Share the lives of those who are working.  Share a thirty second video interview of what a team member might be working on.  There is countless stories that you could be sharing as a leader.

3.  Share one testimony a month - This is the ultimate proof that something is working.  A positive testimony that your product or mission is working is online gold.  If you post this testimony on a blog it has a consistant home, it can't go anywhere.  Which means you can share it with the tribe and they can always go back to find it in order to share it as well.