Things BIG men don't understand

The Midwest Style


The boys at The Midwest Style have created a great blog and it's been wildly successful.  There's only one catch, this absolutely is something the BIG man doesn't understand.

A couple thoughts the big man lives by:

1.  Vintage Plaid?  Are you serious?  My chances of ever sneaking up on anyone went out the door at the bottom button of a plaid shirt.  No plaid.

2.  Where is your cargo shorts post?  There is a key word for the BIG man in fashion: loose.  Sometimes I have a hard time breathing just looking at your pictures.

3.  Never side squating in a picture.  It doesn't matter if it's in a stream, against a brick wall, on an empty street, or against a tree; absolutely no pictures taken of a side squat.  You might as well put the BIG man in a TSA body scanner, put the images on Facebook, and make it your profile for the whole world to see.  Even Instagram can't save the BIG man on this one.

4.  Hips?  I still can't find any hips on the blog?

5.  So let me get this straight: you can take a picture from your neck down and have your shoes in them?  Fascinating.

Congratulations guys on your tremendous success!  I love that your doing something new and offering your own art to the Midwest!

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