Things BIG men don't understand

The climbing wall.

Honestly, what's with smaller people's obsession with trying to battle gravity.  I've got bad news for you gravity always wins, you're confident now but it's just a matter of time.

No one has ever considered the size 14 shoe when putting those little pegs on a rock wall either.  Things are bad enough trying to battle gravity but then all you have to stand on is the left corner of your big toe.  Sympathetic onlookers are like, "Oh, poor big kid!  Let's cheer him on everyone!"  Little do they know that the big kid would have to have titanium spikes bult into the toe of his so that he could dig in his toes and have something to press off of.  Big kid would also have to grow out his fingernails applying a daily dos of Super Glue to his nails as a clear coat just so he could get a grip on that stupid wall sense the pegs were made for children and adults the same size as children.  Now we've got a climber.