Things BIG men don't understand

The Lunchables

The Lunchables is a big flirt, all packaging but no substance. Really though, you're probably better off chewing on your own finger than cracking open a Lunchables and expecting a change in your hunger. I know what you're thinking, that the Lunchables is for kids. But I say to that nay, if the Lunchables target audience was children it wouldn't be in the grocery store isle next to hot dogs, brats, and sandwich meat. If that were the case they should be sitting next to the Dannon yogurt sticks and that colored sugar water sold in milk cartons. So listen up Lunchables, if you're going to be in the big boy section why don't you put on some big boy clothes, hit the weight room, and beef up a little bit.

The BIG man source was Nate Lohn