Things BIG men don't understand

Find a better word for fat Whirlpool!


Really Whirlpool?  Do you have no heart?  Is your emotional intelligence non existant?  Bulky.  That's what you offer the BIG man to dry his clothes?  Even The Gap has the heart to label the fat kid as "Husky".  BIG men are relieved to know they are not normal (Dripping with sarcasm).  Ohhhhhhh nooooo.  BIG men certainly aren't energy efficient are we? All that material has to dry.  Now when I start the dryer I feel like I am butterfly effecting the rain forest --> I start the dryer ---> using electricty---> using up precious fossil fuels ---> Okay maybe it's not the rain forest but I now feel responsible for the Gulf of Mexico/BP oil crisis.  Now I feel even worse!  Thanks for nothing Whirlpool!