Things BIG men don't understand

I was driving back to my office last week after a pleasant trip to the post office (Pleasant like dragging your face against sandpaper).  I like to take the back way that cuts through a neighborhood and then reconnects with the main street beside a strip mall.  As I approached the strip mall there was a cement truck across the street doing it's thing, dropping cement with it's front sticking out taking up the whole right lane.  I begin to go around the truck so my eyes are locked on the left lane to make sure no cars are coming at me. That's when it happened.

Out of no where a creature lunges out in front of my car.  Lunge might not be the right word, it was more like fell in front of me.  At first I can't make the creature out.  It was in blue spandex from the shoulder to the knee.  I realized it was upright on it's back two legs.  The animal was coughing up something or gasping for air.  It scared me so I jerked steering wheel to get the car back into the right lane.

What was this strange creature that threw itself in front of my car?  I was able to grab an image of the hideous beast after the event.  Here's the evidence.

Can you see it?  The rabid animal was cross-train guy.  As a BIG man I was totally perplexed.  This guy was using the rock landscape on the side of the strip mall as part of his workout!?  On his decent down the mighty rockface he couldn't slow himself down so he ran into the street!  Someone tell Rocky that the Russian isn't around to fight anymore.  What's next for this guy?  I say to this man, "Where's your forest to cut down?  Where are your rocks to throw?  Where's your Mercedes to outrun?"

[youtube IwvoTDoO9Hg]

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How dare you scare the BIG man.