Things BIG men don't understand

"Hey BIG man."  "What's up BIG fella?"   Let's all stop for a second and give it up for captain obvious.  If you are captain obvious, give yourself a nice little slap on the back.

[youtube 9IC9O98PybQ]

Really though, what's up with the people who feel the freedom to address you by your size?  I find that it's mostly men who are always smaller than the BIG man.  At some point BIG men everywhere are going to start answering back by their first visual impression.

Comment: "Excuse me BIG man." Response: "No pardon me baldy."

Comment: "Hey BIG fella."  Response: "What's happening there ugly?"

Comment: "What can I help you with BIG man."  Response: "I can't remember nose hair."  

Please someone tell me where else this is acceptable in society to refer to another person by their first noticeable appearance?