Things BIG men don't understand

The male flight attendant

Where do I even begin?

1.  BIG man's personal hell - Limited.  Limited head room.  Limited space.  Limited movement. Limited oxygen.  NOT in a million years would a BIG man do this job.

2.  Vests - Have you ever seen The Far Side where the two deer are in the forest and one of them has a target on it's chest?  The other deer say's, "Bummer of a birthmark Hal."  The vest is to the big man as the target is to that deer.  The vest say's, "Hey everyone, I'm fat right here."

3.  Hip check - Most folks walk straight down the aisle but the BIG man walks down the aisle with the hips at 2:00 and 7:00, as an athlete I'd like to think of this position as a staggered stance.  A BIG man male steward serving drinks turns into Shaquille O'Neal in the paint when turbulence hits.  When that happens people will go flying...and heads...and drinks...and electronics...and babies. "Give me the rock!"

Never going to happen.