Things BIG men don't understand

Booth seating

The BIG man is not a fan of the booth seating, especially booth seating that has a table  locked into the floor!  Booth seating is like being transported to the fifth grade all over again because you go to slide in and you slam your knee in that stupid bar that supports the table.  Exactly the same feeling the BIG man had as a BIG kid trying to slide into that desk and slamming your knee into that middle bar, which is those pivotal moments in elementary school when your teacher knew which four letter words you were capable of saying.

Ralphie knows what I'm talking about:

[youtube dgx1sSfriIA]

Now that you've shattered your knee cap you spend the rest of your meal looking at all the space your skinny friend has across from you.  The resentment sets in.  You don't hear a word they say.  In your mind you are going Incredible Hulk on the table and ripping it out of the floor while screaming so hard the hair on the person across from you is permantley set back.