Things BIG men don't understand


One clothing line that hasn't come around on the ole' big and tall trend is halloween costume distributers.  What options does the big man have when it comes to Halloween?

Let's go with the top 5:

1.  Chris Christie - One of the few big MEN out there who is getting enough press to be recognized.  Republicans love him, Liberals hate him, and the media fears him.











4.  Pear or Apple - Just depends how you carry your weight there fella.  Either way you won't be receiving this comment, "Hey, have you lost some weight?"








3.  A Tree - If you were looking for a slimmer figure, it's the best way to go.








2.  That one guy, from that one show, with that girl from Bridesmaids.









Drum Roll please!

1.  Chet turned bad from Weird Science - I know, this ages me but this would be a hit.












Take that Halloween.  Just when you thought you got the best of us we strike back with Chet!

I hope I have inspired you BIG men of the world plagued with the challenge of finding a Halloween costume.  Problem solved.