The worst reason you could write a blog


The worst reason you could write a blog is to gain recognition.  Recognition alters your content.  It changes your words from a generous offering to digging for thoughts that will be read.  I think it's natural that someone would write to be read.  But we have to look back and ask ourselves the hard question: "Why participate in social media at all?"

Because what we want is your best creative offering.  Something that is a gift to us.  Something that feels generous and reads easy.

I remind myself that if I try to write something complicated I'm trying to be read instead of trying to contribute.

I could say all the same things about leadership.  That's why blogging is such a great tool for leaders.  Leadership should be clear.  Leadership should be an offering.  Leadership should help others.

What are some other pitfalls for bloggers trying to write to be read instead of writing to contribute?  Please leave your comment below!