The new "Fab Five" tools of relational fundraising: #3

"Fab Five" tool #3 Account

YouTube is about volume.  Anyone can use it and post just about anything.  There's very few things you can't find on YouTube, a lot of times you end up seeing things you weren't out to see in the first place.  YouTube is somewhat cluttered.  Consider the neater, cleaner, more organized brother of YouTube. is more about sharing art than finding random videos.  I like it because I don't have to worry about what is going to be seen on our organization's Vimeo page, the sidebar on YouTube can get out of control on content (Working for an organization that relates to teens, you just never know what might pop up in a search bar or sidebar when the word "teen" is in the search).

A Vimeo video can be put into a blog post as easily as a YouTube video and I just like the more professional look of Vimeo over YouTube.  So, if you choose to use video to share the very best stories, I would go with establishing an account with and posting them there.  After all, your producing art not random media.