The leader you're going to be in 2012 - Part 3

You're going to be a leader who's grateful!

A spirit of gratefulness will change the way you lead.  Gratefulness makes you recognize opportunities instead of constantly adding up the obstacles.  Gratefulness allows you to see people as a blessing instead of personal property.  Ungratefulness is the tipping point to becoming a cynical leader.  We need you to stop telling us what we can't do and instead trust us to create what we can do.  We need you to be a leader who reminds us of "why" we need to carry out your vision, tell us what's at stake!  Most of all, we need you to be a leader that's grateful for the opportunity to lead us.  Please stop reminding us of what's broken and start reminding us of the opportunities we have to make a lasting impact.  If you will be this leader in 2012, we will be grateful for you.

What are you grateful for as a leader?

Photo by: stevendepolo