The leader you are going to be in 2012 – Part 2

You are going to be a leader who casts vision in 2012.

As Andy Stanley says, “Vision leaks."  It leaks from people on every team within any organization or business. This year your vision casting is going to look different. Before you tell us where we're headed, tell us “why” we need to accomplish this vision. That’s what we're asking you in our heart as you describe your vision to us. “Why” do we need to get there? “Why” do we have to be involved? “Why” should we care about your vision? The “Why” is what makes us move, we have to feel the answer to “why” before we will act. The “Why” is what pulls at our hearts, engages us emotionally, and causes us to follow you and help you make the vision a reality.

Do you know why you are leading people in the first place? Why do you lead? Please leave a comment!

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